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recorded in multiple closets and small bedrooms over the course of 5 months


released March 4, 2016

huge thank you to;
Jeremy Doers
Tim Bomberg
All the cool bands that we have had the pleasure to play with
All of our friends in Flagstaff
All of our friends in Phoenix



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Track Name: an introduction to the album
Track Name: heart tied trash bags
i'm fallin in love with you tonight
got my heart tied in trash bags covered in flies
i saw you crying out the corner of my eye
your weeps and cries sound just like my mothers lullabies
shape shift and take my hand
we can take our separate cars to our date with no plans
Track Name: 90's johnny depp
from california to florida
thats where i dont wanna be
I dont wanna be in the sun
on a tuesday or in my dreams

break my heart in the fourth dimenson
I hope my teacher doesn't give me detention
the devil, i really need her in my life
so she can stab me with her long, dark, cruel knife
Track Name: sweaty palms
i saw you walking down the sidewalk
you were staring at the trees and the sky
i bet you had really sweaty palms
i want your palms to sweat in mine

can you leave me alone
can you get out of my mind
look what you've done to me
this is harder than i thought
Track Name: clown boy
hate the way you make me feel
in your shadow your loves not real
spinning circles in your mind
one day our worlds will collide

its not getting better

have so many things i wanna say
growing old is so yesterday
chocolate melts inside my heart
i wish suicide wasnt art

im just a clown boy
nothing but a clown boy
im just a clown boy
make up colors and a painted frown

wish that i could be somebody
cut my hair and make me nothing
i wish i was in love with somebody
my lifes a joke but its not that funny

im just a clown boy
nothing but a clown boy
im just a clown boy
make up colors and a painted frown

i like makeup
i like balloons
i like birthday parties
i like you
Track Name: boy problems
you've got a lot to say
you've got a lot to live for
but nobody cares
you've got heaven in your hands
and an empty notebook
don't forget the fangs
you've got a scab on your leg
you've got a scab on your elbow
I'll eat them both
i hope a knife plunges in your heart
so i never have to see you again

read between the lines
im not just a mime
i can talk right out of this
pull out every hair
feel it in the air
a refreshing kiss
i see heaven now
god dressed as a clown
this is nothing but a tease
i feel my world ending
so god kill me please
Track Name: painting is cool
breaking bones
getting head
i just wanna lay in bed
kissing girls
getting by
i think i would rather die
hate my life
go play dead
plastic bag around my head
peel my skin
chew my bones
can you just leave me alone
Track Name: knife
i feel your hair
in the back of my throat
and i think that its funny
that you love that im broke

i just wanna talk to you
and feel you breathe on me
and we can take a ride in your jeep

and this is the part
When I tell you my life
is held under a knife
held by you

and i know its true
that you
you dont love me too

and thats alright
and thats okay
because i still love you
Track Name: slave
i heard noises from your grave
whispers of your name

i get so scared to look you in the eye
and i hope just once
i cross your mind

my body aches when you are gone
my teeth melt to raindrops when you are gone
how much longer must you be gone

hey girl you know
i am your own
all day everyday
i am your slave