Flat Soda


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written and recorded by tanner johnson and brandon engers in march of 2015


released April 11, 2015



all rights reserved



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Track Name: bLACKEST_DAY
today is the blackest day
under water, crushed by your pain
you're reaching out for a helping hand
but no one's home to understand

i'm going to sneak into your house
and cut you hair while you sleep
then stitch it into my pillow
so i can dream of you every night
Track Name: Double Doors
bring me down from this embarrassing high
hold my hand and make sure i don't drive
you've got your hair stuck in double doors
i would come to help but you've got

someone else

i feel like no one wants me anymore
i'm a burden and a bore
i'm no fun and i dress bad
oh, how sad
Track Name: ~&{rAinBoW_giRl}&.flac
you're my rainbow girl
all seven colors
and the rest in the world
orange, violet, yellow, green and blue
you can have all the colors in my heart
they're all here for u

i'm fine
i'm fine
i see you all the time
so why should i whine

i'm fine
i'm fine
i swear that i'm fine
i can't be bitter because jealousy's a crime

i'm fine
i'm fine
i promise that i'm fine
my mom asks for money
but that's okay because i love her

i'm fine
i'm fine
i swear to you i'm fine
everything's okay even if i cry all the time
Track Name: dumb
5'2 i think
your hair, so bleak
knotted up and tangled
like a drawer full of giant rubber bands

you called me dumb all day, non-stop
i'm glad cops came
so i never have to see your face again
Track Name: Chapped Lips
bring me down to your level
show me what it's like to hate
cut me with your favorite knife
and make my heart melt like wax

love is love
hate is hate
meet me in the middle
and we can date

till the moon cracks
and the sun splits
just like your lips
Track Name: thai takeout (prod. brengerz)
got the lean in my clean volvo 1997
flying hate over space
i'm a galaxy exploring saint

freak of meat
i'm a cream a beat in your girl
no regret, just a little bit of heat
to burn a church at your own feet

sad but you can't tell
i'm going to climb in my own hell,
drown in an empty well
and break me down
to a bitter death ride spell

rolex, no gold chain
i'm telling time with a broken vein
mean mugging, this ain't halloween
pop up in the scene
with no regard to bitches or lean
our fit nothing but clean
thai tea boyz got greens